Double Glazing Repairs in Leeds

Double Glazing Repairs in Leeds

MW uPVC Repairs undertake all double glazing repairs in Leeds and the surrounding areas, including all types of windows, doors & patios in the home and return them to their former glory.

As a long established business in the double glazing repair industry, we endeavour to fix your windows and doors as quickly as possible. We carry out work with the minimum of disruption to your home or business.

Misted Unit Repairs Leeds

A misted unit or blown double-glazed unit is where the window appears dirty or misted but cannot be cleared or cleaned. Interstitial condensation occurs either when the unit seal has failed and the airspace is saturated with moisture, or when an internal component (i.e. Georgian bars etc.) has deteriorated and given off organic solvents. Under both of these conditions the appearance of condensation on one or both airspace surfaces can occur subject to the glass surface temperature. How long it takes for a blown or broken unit to show will depend on the position, in full sunlight or exposed to extremely wet conditions. This misting means that the double glazing unit needs replacing.

Advantages of Double Glazing Repairs


  • Repair of a broken window by replacing the individual sealed unit is a lot less involved and disruptive that a replacement window installation as well as cheaper than replacing the complete window.
  • Repairing windows allows you to maintain the building as the architect intended or the preservation rules require.
  • Only replacing your glass provides you with less stress and disruption. The installation is slightly quicker, and you can stay more in control of your budget while still saving money on energy.

“Our customers opinions really matter to us. We take all feedback onboard and use it to constantly improve our service.”

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